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Designed4Use?  Why does Your Firm need an Information Architect?, What is UX Design?

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I am a senior-level design professional with over 20 years of experience in the software & application development field. I have been involved in almost every aspect of the design process from user testing, comparative product research, rapid prototyping & design docs for proposed solutions, and delivering on the promise of those proposed design specifications. I help clients with complex IA issues via content analysis sorting out complex site structure, content modeling, navigation, and UX re-design problems to elevate their customer’s experience within both web & mobile channels.

We have often had positive feedback from clients and program managers on our ability to produce effective UX project estimates, work breakdown structures and provide leadership to the entire UX dev team made up of BAs, Visual Designers, IAs, Usability Testing professionals and Front-end developers. We enjoy mentoring & providing guidance to product dev team members across multiple disciplines including creative, copy writing, visual design, and coding backgrounds and our UX team leadership efforts have proven to bring them together them behind a common goal that employs a consistent app dev methodology and supports repeatable success with a Design System.

Since 2003 Designed4use has Helped over 50 Global - Fortune 50 Busienss Clients with both Internal and Customer facing apps

We have demonstrated how to improve usability & findability with User focused product research and User experience modeling, User Stories, Wireframes, User Journeys & electronic prototyping as part of a comprehensive yet agile development process – I can get my fellow team mates on board by asking them to learn, to reach outside their comfort zone & dare to innovate a better product by (not being afraid to fail, and) making it fun to work here while doing it.

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UX Design Winning at Digital Inovation with New Products + Product Redesign + Strategic Resources

Building a Better Tomorrow, by executing upon a Better Today

My name is Rob Dornbush and My life's work reflects a specialization in User Interface with expertise in UX for Product Design. I have mastered the art of mobile app dev, touch-friendly UI & User Centered Design.

UX Design Clients 22-yrs UX Product Owner

Duke Energy Digital Innovations

Northrop Grumman UXG

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

State Farm Enterprsie Digital Strategy

AT&T Mobility, AT&T Wireless

HP Consulting & Integrations

Mass Mutual Insurance

Allstate Financial

Charles Schwab

Franklin Templeton

Federal Social Security Administration

Phillips Medical Imaging


Pfizer, GSK, Merck

NYC Dept. of Health

First Horizon Financial

M & T Bank

State Farm Bank

Capital Group - American Funds

First Tenn. Bank

SmartLogic - IMF -World Bank

Six Flags Theme Parks

UMass Memorial Hospitals

Wake Med Hospitals

Moog Space & Defense

EMC Consulting

GE Power Systems

Epic Games Unreal Dev Network

Rob demonstrates IA Though Leadership as a Public Speaker on IA for Earley Information Science on Information Architecture, User Interface, & UX Design

Check Out Rob's Linkedin Profile

Check Out Rob's Adobe CC UX Design Portfolio

Designed4use UX Methods and Techniques Solve Problems

Your customers can't find what they're looking for if they are lost in a sea of unstructured data. Let our Information Architects create organized front-end structures and sensible navigation pathways that empower your Users to achieve their goals in a self-directed manner. Let us build your web-enabled application with a proven method User Interface Architecture Methodoloy

We have a One Page UX Marketing Flyer for You to Download and Share Information Architecture is User Experience

Together, We Can Get There from Here

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Using proper Software Development Lifecycle Planning and Documentation,
We can get you there. Let us guide your users to let them know where they are, where they came from, and how to get back.If you truly "understand" your Users' needs and provide them this freedom, then you'll never have to ask them the the question "Are you really sure that you want to delete that file?" again. Free human kind from information anxiety by providing them with an improved workflow, and they will become loyal customers who evangelize your hassel-free transaction process! How can you free your User Interface design if you can't free your mind?

Find out more about Rob's UX Design Work History on Behance

We'll FIX your UI and together we can create accessible content categories and comprehensible menu choices. Check out the experience we've put together over the last 10 years-take a look at founder Robert Dornbush's Work History, and get behind the notion that Designed4use believes in 'Action Not Words.' as Dornbush says "there is a magic recipe to producing effective multimedia, and it's a put up or shut up business where those who don't feel traction beneath their tread will be buried in the dust - If you're like me you don't have time for charlatans who talk the talk but don't know how to walk the walk"

The emphasis here at designed4use inc. is on the User Experience: which we plan for You by building a front-end model made up of UI design, navigation schema, page flow, work flow, and nesting of content. Our purpose is to illustrate the top 3-4 levels of drill-down for each planned feature or functionality set with the intent of mapping how all functions coexist within a cohesive planned architecture. Multiple simultaneous enhancements to an enterprise level business software must be planned with regard to Information Architecture; otherwise, the software will evolve into an un-navigable maze of features which seem "tacked-on" without regard to usability and overall structure.

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Welcome Back My wee Cheeky Monkeys Robert Dornbush II
Information Architect
Interaction Designer
Owner & Software Design Consultant
designed4use, inc.
as a UX Architect rob dornbush
is UI Design certified by SFSU,
has Software Dev Life Cycle knowledge,
Product Management experience, and
is a SCRUM Master Trained
Agile Backlog Manager with SDLC & Business Analyst exp.

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